Pashmina Kanni Jamma Shawls


Kashmiri Pashmina kani Shawl

We offer 100% hand- woven pashmina shawls in full length. Woven by the best artisans of Kashmir with their magical fingers, these shawls are a true representation of Indian heritage & Kashmir”s rich workmanship. Our shawls are available in single colors & in variety of intricate / floral /paisley designs with innumerable color combination. Being 100% hand-made every piece of shawl is different from other and has its own uniqueness. One piece of shawl takes one year to be completed using one artisan”s effort. Our shawls are available in two major work variety, i.e., Kanni jammas & Needle work that are famous for intricate craftsmanship.



Kashmir is famous for its craftsmanship in whole world as they can make such a lovely things which is incredible to believe how it is possible to make such an intricate needle work by hand in paisley, all-over and in geometrical designs. We have lot of varieties in 100% pure hand-loom pashmina in full length shawls that are available in 100x200cms size. The two main varieties of shawls we offer are Kanni jamma & Needle Work shawls. The work elaborates designs all across the body / the borders / center pattern / All-over and full designs. The intricate Hand needle work in paisley and Kanni Jamma works are popular for vivid colour combination & fineness of work.

Sizes: Full length shawls of 100 cms x 200 cms
Yarn: 100% Pure Pashmina
Design: All-over floral designs / Geometrical designs / Boarders
Variety: 24 lines in per running inch
Colour Combination: Antique and Pastel colors

** Kanni- A village in Kashmir has been given the name “Kanni-home”, which is famous for making kanni shawls from the centuries. The kanni was brought by mogul emperors before centuries and it is going on there by generations to generations


Product Details
Fabric Cashmere Pashmina
Color Carbon Black
Size 100*200 cms approx
Care Dry Clean Only
Type Machine Spun, Handwoven
Time To Make 5-7 Days
COD Not Available For This Product

Nature’s music is color. And in the same colors, a Kani Pashmina Shawl is hand woven in perfection and hence comes into the world of luxury accessorizing a winter accessory worth keeping. Pair the shawl with your plain winter outfits and let the colors sing for you the mirthful carols of joy


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